Command and Control Systems

The Elettronica Marittima C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Interoperability)  provides a fully integrated system able to integrate the data outcoming from different type of sensors, i.e., AIS, Radar, Radar buoys, Optical sensors (Day and Night cameras), etc.

The main purposes of Elettronica Marittima C4I are:

  • To command the fleet from an integrated Maritime Operation Centre
  • Global maritime domain awareness shared among the Maritime Operation Centre and the vessels
  • To react on-time to asymmetrical attacks (piracy, smuggling, etc)
  • To protect vital assets in territorial waters (navigation routes, undersea material, fish, environment) from any type of threats
  • To coordinate forces in SAR operations
  • The support and the coordination of military (air-sea-land) and maritime safety and of security missions (coast guards, inter-agencies, coalitions …)
  • To allow tailored C4I deployment on board, with a modular and scalable architecture enabling integration of customer’s mission packages
  • To unify communications and provide ad-hoc connectivity through a new generation of radio link
  • To access to core services as E-documents, Mail, Pictures, and vessels of interest intelligence database


The Elettronica Marittima Integrated Systems Overview

All the information shared in the internal Network allows the C4I Center to track  the traffic of your own fleet, as well as,  commercial and civilian crafts, fraudulent boats and of  boats in trouble or in danger.

The system includes also few special functions for the vessel version:

  • Mini Black Box: to continuously store the data acquired  during the navigation in a proper device. A playback function provides the capability of analyze offline the stored data concerning the surroundings of the vessel, for the tactical evaluations.
  • Radar: to control and display all the radar functions as a professional console. It can be used with a list of newest radar sensors.


The Elettronica Marittima C4I Tactical Panel



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