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Cookie Policy

The following Cookie Policy shall be relative to the ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA site (hereinafter to be referred to as “the Site”) managed and run by Messrs. ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA SRL, having their registered offices at VIA DELLA MANIFATTURA 9 44026 BOSCO MESOLA (FE) Italy, VAT N°/COMPANY REG. CODE 01559280381

Cookies are small text files sent to a user every time a web site is visited. They are stored on the computer’s hard disk, thus allowing the web site to record certain data about the user and improve the service provided.

There are several different types of cookies. Some are needed to allow navigation to the web site, whereas others have different purposes such as guaranteeing internal security, administering the system, performing statistical analyses, understanding which parts of the Site users find more interesting, or customising visits to the Site.

The Site uses technical, non-profiling cookies. This is applicable to user computers and any other devices users may use to connect to the Site.

Technical cookies.

Technical cookies are those used purely for the purposes of transmitting messages across an electronic communications network, or as far as is strictly required for the provider of a service to provide the information explicitly requested by a subscriber or user in the use of such a service.

They are not used for any other reason, and are usually saved to the user’s computer by a web site owner or manager.

They may be broken down into navigation or session cookies, which guarantee that the website can be navigated and used (allowing, for example, a purchase to be made, or providing access to special areas); analytical cookies, similar to technical cookies when directly used by a site manager to collect overall information about users in general and how they visit the site; function cookies, which allow users to navigate according to a series of certain criteria (e.g. language, products chosen for purchase) and thus improve the service provided.

Not allowing cookies can limit access to the Site and therefore disallow certain functions and services. To help decide which cookies to allow and which to reject, the following is an illustration of the type of cookies used by the Site.

Types of cookies used.

First-party cookies.

First-party cookies (which do not expire when the session closes) send information about the user to the URL which appears in the address bar. These cookies allow the Site to work more efficiently and to understand visitor trends.

Third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies belong to a domain different from the one being visited by a user. If a user is visiting a web site and someone else is sending information via that site, a third-party cookie is being used.

Session cookies.

A session or transient cookie is only saved to a computer’s temporary memory, and is a raised when the user closes the browser. If a user decides to register with the Site, they can use cookies which store personal data to identify them the next time they visit without needing to log on every time (e.g. by requiring a username and password) and can therefore navigate around the Site. Additionally, ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA uses cookies for system administration purposes. The Site may link to other web sites. ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA has absolutely no access to or control over cookies and other tracking technology used by third parties which the user may access from the Site, or to the availability of any content or material published or obtained via such sites or how they store personal data; to this end, considering the number of sites which may be accessed, ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA hereby declines all responsibility for any such cookies and technology. It shall always be the user’s responsibility to examine the privacy policy of any thirdparty web sites visited from the Site, to view the conditions applicable to personal data storage. The privacy policy of ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA shall always and only be applicable to the Site as detailed above.

Persistent cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s device and are not deleted at the end of a browser session. This allows the user’s preferences or actions to be remembered. They can be used for different purposes, such as remembering user preferences and what they usually do when they visit the Site.

Essential cookies.

These cookies are absolutely vital for the Site to work. Without these cookies, certain parts of the Site would not work. They include, for example, cookies for access to certain reserved areas of the Site. They do not store information for marketing purposes, and cannot be switched off.

Functional cookies.

These cookies are used to recognise a user when they return to visit the Site. They allow content to be customised and remember preferences (such as the user’s language or country). These cookies do not store any information which allow a user to be identified. All the information saved is perfectly anonymous.

Social Network sharing cookies.

These cookies allow web site content to be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Their privacy and cookie policies can be viewed and examined on the social networks themselves. For Facebook and Twitter, it is enough to visit and

The following is a list of the main cookies used by the Site, with details of their function and lifespan.

1) Type of Cookie Part I Functional


Purpose: transmitting user information (saving sessions and remembering certain settings such as access).

Lifespan: persistent cookie.

2) Type of Cookie Part I Functional


Purpose: transmitting user location and remembering language settings (anonymously).

3) Type of Cookie Part I Functional


Purpose: customising page content according to the browser used and other selected settings (anonymously).

How to change cookie settings.

Almost all browsers accept cookies automatically, but users can usually change their settings to turn cookies off. Certain types of cookies can be switched off, so that they are not enabled but others continue to be allowed. The “Tools” or “Preferences” menu on the web browser can be used to select which types of tracking or other cookie are allowed. Alternatively, the “Help” menu on most browsers can be used to find out more information.

You can also select your browser from the list below and follow the instructions we give: – Internet Explorer; – Chrome; – Safari; – Firefox; – Opera. On mobile devices: – Android; – Safari; – Windows Phone; – Blackberry.

For further information about cookies and to set your cookie preferences (first or third-party), please visit Always remember that disabling navigation or functional cookies may stop the Site working properly and/or limit the service provided by ELETTRONICA MARITTIMA.

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