FMCW Navigation Radar

One of our recent prototype is the EM-ONE-NR48 R2: the new navigation Radar, equipped with a solid state X-band transmitter. The system is compact, can be employed on small boats too, and is provided with a patch antenna. Our radar system is based on FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology.

The working principle of a normal pulse radar is based on the time difference between the transmitted wave and the one reflected by the target. The FMCW radar technology uses a continuous wave: it means that the separation between the two signals in the time domain is not possible.
In this case the frequency difference between the transmitted signal and the reflected one is used in order to calculate the target range.

This solution offers the following advantages:

  • Semplicity in transmitter realization, completely solid state: the maximum power supplied by the transmitter is about  1W;
  • Good resolution in range:  thanks to an instantaneous bandwidth greater than 100 MHz;
  • Due to its simple architecture, this radar provides at the same time great performance in terms of target resolution range and high MTBF and reliability;


Environment Operating Temperature: -25° to +55°C, relative humidity: 95%@+35°C, RH Waterproof: IP66
Power Supply Compatible with on board available supply (10 V- 36 V)
Carrier Frequency X band
Radio Frequency Output Power ~1 W
Maximum range (Operator Selection) From 0.25 to 48 Nautical miles
Pulse Repetition Frequency 200 Hz
Antenna Rotation 20/27/36 RPM
Weight <10 Kg
External Data Interface UDP/IP on Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s


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