Founded in 1977 by Ilio Ghezzo (currently the company President), the Elettronica Marittima’s core business was the installation of electronic instruments for marine navigation and radio communication, as well as, the technical assistance and the commercial consulting in the maritime field.A 1982 Photo of Ilio Ghezzo

In the last decade a relevant part of the core business of the company moved from the civilian to the military sector, at first in the naval branch and more recently in the terrestrial one, by providing telecommunications solutions. With the achievement of several important targets, the company has experienced a significant and stable growth.

In 2009, Elettronica Marittima inaugurated its R&D Division with the purpose of studying and developing new systems, e.g., Radar Sensors, Navigation and Command & Control Systems, and Antennas, which address both the Civilian and the Military markets.

Today some of our customers are important players of the Security & Defense market, in Italy and in the Mediterranean area, whom we provide turnkey solutions regarding navigation and telecommunication systems, and naval dashboard.



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