Ground Suirvellance Radar

The novel EM-SR R1 radar system is based on a FMCW (Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave) sensor, whose characteristics make it the ideal solution for the surveillance on board of terrestrial vehicles (e.g., tanks) or on fixed installations. EMSR-R1
The system has been designed to be suitable for several applications including, border surveillance, battlefield surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, detection and tracking people, vehicles and aircraft.



The EM-SR R1 main characteristics are

  • the system has fixed faces and is characterized by the absence of rotary joints or moving parts, thereby allowing the radar to be installed on tanks with a significant mitigation of the vibrations issue;
  • the height of the antenna group is limited, resulting to a very low Radar Cross Section (RCS) of the system;
  • LPI (Low Probability of Interception) characterics resuling from the low value of the RCS combined with the low level of peak power transmitted;
  • the system can be easily deployed for battlefield surveillance and area monitoring: it can be installed on a tripod,  requires only a 9-36 Vdc power supply and can be controlled through an MMI (Man Machine Interface) installed on a computer;
  • the radar has a considerably high range resolution
    • it allows a 360° continuous or sectorised surveillance;
    • It is possible to select and illuminate one sector instantaneously and without limits on target observation time.




The enhanced surveillance and tracking capabilities of the EM-SR R1 can be combined with a pan-tilt-zoom camera equipped with thermal sensors, which automatically slews to the radar-detected threat for immediate identification and tracking.
EM-SR R1 delivers uninterrupted, all-weather detection and tracking of more than 100 simultaneous tracks ranging from humans, vehicles, and boats. The system is fundamental for all the applications characterized by the need of reliable and precise early warning and extended ground surveillance.

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