Carro Ilio Ghezzo Historical boats - 1980

Since more than 40 years we operate in the design and installation of navigation maritime systems as well as radio communications. This market gave to us significant satisfactions: our systems are still working in many seas, from Sweden to Oman, with a great presence in the Mediterranean area. In the last decade, driven by the will to provide our Customers better technologies and performances, we also designed and developed a line of advanced components, such as antennas, amplifiers and radars, with particular attention to the Customer applications and needs. These systems received a remarkable success either in the Sea and Land Defence market. Nowadays, our units work around the world in several Special Corps missions.

Our history

The company was founded in 1977 by Ilio Ghezzo, who is the current Company President, with the objective to support the ship manufacturers in the design and integration of sea navigation aids and communication suites on the boats. In the following twenty years, the core business has expanded to military and para-military sectors, at first in the naval branch and then in the land one, achieving relevant targets that allowed an important growth of the company. In 2017 Elettronica Marittima has celebrated 40 years.


We work with passion to meet any specific requirement since the challenges are our boost, believing that Customer’s satisfaction is our own satisfaction. Innovation is the guideline of the company, which, thanks to the continuous R&D investments, has widened its offer, both in terms of technology and products range, in order to anticipate the increasing needs of both the military and the civil fields.


We are aimed at being the better choice like strategic partner for the Sea & Land System Designers, allowing them to better shape the future of their products, by creating unprecedented value and opportunity.