20 W and 50 W amplifiers for the 30 - 512 MHz band with very high performance, and with LNA for reception in the SATCOM band. Very high power amplifiers in the HF, VHF, UHF bands.


RF Wideband TX/RX Amp allowing to amplify the transmitted signal over 50 W – user selectable – and the received signal of 20 dB. The operative band is extremely wide: 30-512 MHz. EVO-A-A3 natively operates with high VSWR over all the operative band. This allows to avoid any antenna tuner and the relative power loss. EVO-A-A3 offers suitable functionality to set the emitted power, thereby ensuring a field intensity within the safety threshold, i.e., «NIR free». The EVO-A-A3 is specifically designed to be fully interoperable with any model of VHF RTX device. An embedded circuit allows the optimal matching of the RF input to a very wide range of driving powers. The combination of the EVO-A-A3 and EVO-A-SOTM antenna is the ideal solution for modern SDR transceivers as it allows to cover the 30-512 MHz band in all operating modes by using only one antenna. A robust redundant stabilization circuit allows to achieve the maximum output power regardless of the supply voltage that can vary from 10 to 36VDC.

Antenna EVO-A-HIRA-S PP Highly Integrated Receiving Amplifier-Satcom

EVO-HIRA-S (Highly Integrated Receiving Amplifier-Satcom) is a LNA that has been conceived and designed to be employed as RX enhancement in the SATCOM band for dismounted soldiers. In the 230 a 290 MHz band, its gain is more than 20 dB, allowing a significant increase in quality of received digital signals, as well as in the speech intelligibility. A circuit that detects the input RF power (max 20W) assures RX-TX automatic, extremely fast switch, not requiring any radio synchronization. EVO-HIRA-S may be powered by an external source, as a battery, or directly by the radio set, troughs the RF cable, whenever the radio unit offers this function. In case of lack of energy, EVO-HIRA-S automatically select a low-loss bypass function, without the need to disconnect the cables connecting radio set and antenna to the RX amplifier. Thanks to its small dimensions and a weight less than 200 gr, EVO-HIRA-S is the best way to enhance the SAT COMMS.