12 W, 20 W and 50 W amplifiers for the 30 - 512 MHz band with very high performance, and with LNA for reception in the SATCOM band. Very high power amplifiers in the HF, VHF, UHF bands.


EVO-A-ALPIPAR is a TX-RX dual-port, lightweight portable wideband amplifier, enhancing Software Defined Radios performances in the whole 30-512 MHz band. It is ideal for SATCOM-on-the-move and LOS applications. A 12-20 W selector allows controlling the output power, while a 20dB Low Noise RX amplifier increases the received signal. The R.F. section shows a remarkable resilience, accepting VSWR up to 65:1, thus allowing the amplifier to work even with damaged or mismatched antennas. During dismounted operations, EVO-A-ALPIPAR can be powered by batteries common to portable SDR. A second battery can be put in parallel with the first one, for long-time operations. EVO-A-ALPIPAR can be used as a portable device or into a vehicular assembly, connecting it through its DC/DC accessory to any vehicle power connector. The weight of EVO-A-ALPIPAR is less than 820 g (without battery). A set of accessories is available, such as: MOLLE compliant bag hosting EVO-A-ALPIPAR and its battery. EVO-A-ALPIPAR has been designed with the support of IV Reggimento Alpini Paracadutisti (Rangers), part of the Army Special Forces Command, that issued the requirements and provided its advice during development and testing.

EVO-A-HIRA-S PP Highly Integrated Receiving Amplifier-Satcom

EVO-A-HIRA-S is an ultra-light weight Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). In the 230-350 MHz SATCOM band, it amplifies a very low-power digital or analogic signal without significantly degrading its signal-to-noise ratio. It is ideal for dismounted SATCOM-on-the-move applications. EVO-A-HIRA-S is equipped with a circuit that automatically detects the presence of input RF power (max 20 W) ensuring an extremely fast RX/TX switching, without the need for radio commands. In case of lack of energy or device failure, the EVO-HIRA-S is automatically bypassed by an internal circuit, without the need to remove it from the connection between the radio and the antenna, thus assuring the TX- RX communication in standard condition. The weight of the EVO-A-HIRA-S is less than 200 g (without battery). It can be powered by batteries common to portable SDR.


RF Wideband TX/RX Amp allowing to amplify the transmitted signal over 50 W – user selectable – and the received signal of 20 dB. The operative band is extremely wide: 30-512 MHz. EVO-A-A3 natively operates with high VSWR over all the operative band. This allows to avoid any antenna tuner and the relative power loss. EVO-A-A3 offers suitable functionality to set the emitted power, thereby ensuring a field intensity within the safety threshold, i.e., «NIR free». The EVO-A-A3 is specifically designed to be fully interoperable with any model of VHF RTX device. An embedded circuit allows the optimal matching of the RF input to a very wide range of driving powers. The combination of the EVO-A-A3 and EVO-A-SOTM antenna is the ideal solution for modern SDR transceivers as it allows to cover the 30-512 MHz band in all operating modes by using only one antenna. A robust redundant stabilization circuit allows to achieve the maximum output power regardless of the supply voltage that can vary from 10 to 36VDC.