Simulation of radiation pattern and cositing in antenna systems. Search for the optimal placement. Analysis of the radioelectric coverage of the territory. Evaluation of human exposure to EM fields.

Elettronica Marittima boast extensive experience in modelling and simulating electromagnetic behaviour of radiating elements both in free space and when installed on structures such as fixed plants, vehicles, boats, etc.
This capability gives system engineers the flexibility to analyse whole systems made up of multiple components in an efficient and straightforward way, allowing the design flow of the whole system to incorporate the electromagnetic simulation. It drives the development design process from the earliest stages, facilitating shorter development cycles and reducing its costs.
The assistance provided by Elettronica Marittima may predict the system electromagnetic overall characteristics in terms of electromagnetic energy distribution all around the structure under study, the resulting antennas lobes, cositing effects among the radiating elements, skin currents, NIR distribution, etc.
These knowledges allow the system engineer to be aware, since the initial system design stage, of the possible criticises at electromagnetic level, thus allowing a rapid project refinement, aimed to optimize the system global performances.

Brick 02

Radiation pattern of an antenna placed on a boat

Brick 03

Area coverage of a TV radio signal

Brick 01

Radiation pattern of a RFID antenna

Brick 04

Area coverage of a land mobile vehicle

Brick 05

Radiation pattern of a FM broadcast transmitter distorted due to the presence of a broadcast tower at 40 meters

Brick 06

Electric field distribution inside a vehicle

Brick 07

Simulated radiation pattern of an antenna in the UHF band installed on a terrestrial vehicle