Advanced navigation systems, cartographies, radars, GPS antennas, echo sounders, marine displays, weather stations, AIS transponders, compass, speed logs and antennas for military, fishing and pleasure vessels.

Multifunctional navigation system

Screenshot software EM ONE NS

It is a multifunctional navigation system that offers all the main functions typical of a modern cartographic device integrating and displaying all the main on-board sensors. It allows you to insert, reference, view and edit markers, routes, tracks and zones in the chart plotter and offers advanced tools for GoTo, Log book, MOB, and distance calculations, etc. It can control radar antennas and calculate the radar target data acquired by any MARPA radar antenna, displaying course, heading, speed, distance and time of collision. It can be interfaced with any on-board AIS to display the acquired AIS targets on the cartographic. It also acquires the weather parameters around the boat to have barometric pressure, real and apparent wind direction and speed, air temperatures, turn angle, roll and pitch. It allows the numerical display of the inclinometer with analogue graphical tools for displaying the roll and pitch of the boat. It can be interfaced with the autopilot by commanding the direction of the boat, moving it finely and manually, or making it follow a predetermined route, acquired as a track previously traveled or acquired by the ARPA or AIS, i.e. a target to be followed in automatic mode. Moreover, it can finely display the profile of the seabed using the high frequency to increase the detail or the low frequency to reach greater depths. Finally, it includes a Black Box that allows the storage of all the data of the vessel and the acquired sensors, which can be reviewed by means of a chronological player that allows the reconstruction of the whole environment surrounding the boat, to verify the working day.