Professional GUI Applications for specific maritime applications and Antenna characterization, including data acquisition, simulation and conversion tools with NMEA0183 strings filters, automatic control of positioning systems and RF instruments, radar signal processing and visualization, etc.

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EM-ONE-TIR (Traffic Interception and Relay)

It is a professional GUI that allows to intercept, convert, filter and relay the data received from a given data protocol interface to the desired one. The software solves any interoperability issues of professional data acquisition, visualization and transmission systems, where data acquired with a particular standard protocol are not supported by the intended receiver application, requiring expensive and dedicated hardware deployment. It allows to address the following professional requirements: conversion, filter and and relay of the most-common data protocol/interface (TCP, UDP - Unicast & Multicast - , Serial and Files), (ii) Data internet delivery through no-flat wireless transmission service, e.g., SAT, with user-defined delivery period, traffic meter, retransmission of data coming to one serial port to the same serial port and NMEA conversion from RMC to VHW.

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In professional Windows-based navigation systems, the acquisition of data sensor from common serial interface suffers from the well-known and ever-lasting "crazy mouse" issue, i.e., windows confuses a serial data-acquisition interface as an old-fashion ball-point mouse, as so, the mouse jumps randomly in the screen. Unlike the free patch available online that allow to a temporary fix of the issue, EM-ONE-CRAZY-MOUSE-DEFINITIVE-PATCH definitively solve the crazy-mouse issue.

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