Antenna EVO-A-SAT-8P-Portable RRAO PP

SATCOM antenna in the 230-350 MHz band, designed to achieve the best trade-off among performance, portability and readiness of use. A simple and robust matching circuit allows for a constant load on the output of the radio device, with VSWR less than 2:1 over all the operative band. The circuit protects also the radio device against the reflected power thanks a power dissipator. The material of the radiating elements allows superior flexibility and elasticity, maintaining its shape memory even after countless and repeated stretching. In folded condition, it may be placed on the combat suite pocket; when unfolded, EVO-A-SAT 8P Portable RRAO assumes automatically the correct radiating asset in a fraction of second and is ready to use. Users can easily substitute radiating elements. EVO-A-SAT 8P Portable RRAO has been designed in collaboration with Italian Special Forces.