Elettronica Marittima places particular emphasis on the research and development of high-tech products and solutions. All processes are constantly monitored and updated in order to allow for an ever increasing innovation.

technician at work

Requirement analisys and feasibility studies

We assist the Customer in determining the needs and conditions to meet for a project or system, taking account of and helping to manage the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders.

Rapid prototyping, flexible design and modelling

In order to quickly manufacture scale models of physical parts of our systems, Elettronica Marittima uses three dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) data and additive (3D) Printing. These allows a greater design efficiency in order to speed up the prototyping process under the guidelines of the Costumer’s interface needs and functional requirements. The know-how of its Engineers allows in-house design and development of RF circuit boards for challenging application: from high-power HF-VHF and UHF to micro-wave (up to 26 GHz) boards and devices. Moreover, Elettronica Marittima designs, codes and develops from scratch high-level softwares: from testing GUI and HMI applications to advanced navigation and Command & control systems, thereby allowing quick and reactive changes and updates in response to Customers’ needs. The Flexible Design adopted by Elettronica Marittima provides in short time samples of the products, allowing for interim feedbacks that enable the Customer to target his systems more closely, by verifying assumptions, requirements and constraints. This make the design phase more efficient and cost-effective. To resolve RF devices installation issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner, Elettronica Marittima provides the Users with global system electromagnetic models, optimizing the radiation efficiency of the RF suites operating on land carriers or vessels in even complex scenarios.

Test facilities and qualification

All the products designed and manufactured by Elettronica Marittima are tested and qualified directly in the Company premises laboratories or, when necessary, at the University of Ferrara facilities.

Integration and production

Integration activities are usually performed at Customer’s workshops by our skilled personnel with a large experience and capability to manage contingencies, thanks to the constant support offered by the headquarter. Production of components is carried out in the Elettronica Marittima workshop in a reserved area well equipped for any need.