Elettronica Marittima offers to the System Design Authorities a qualified services in:
• Customer tailored Sea Navigation Systems design and integration
• Sea Command & Control and C4I Systems
• Design and Integration of military and civil multiband Comms systems
• Study of the optimum installation of antennas in complex and critical co-siting environments
• Radiation patterns modelling in complex systems, such as vessels, tanks, command posts
• Drone-based real-time RF acquisition and mapping of electromagnetic energy distribution by complex systems, such as vehicles and vessels
• EMC evaluations for human’s exposure situations (NIR).

Elettronica Marittima catalogue includes hi-tech, field-proven components:
• Sea sensors
• Land and sea advanced tactical VHF and UHF antennas
• Land and sea innovative SAT antennas
• Ad-hoc antennas, tailored with the Customer requirements in both civil and military fields
• High-performances, resilient UHF and SAT hand-held and vehicular amplifiers
• Ad-hoc filters
• Radar systems for Navigation, Surveillance (Borders, Encampments, Bases and other Permanent or temporary Sites) and Homeland security design.

Facts & figures


The company and its facilities are located near the UNESCO-protected city of Ferrara, between Venice and Bologna, not far from the Adriatic coast. The Elettronica Marittima operative structure is based on extremely agile principles, allowing the Company to rapidly react to the market needs and challenges, as well as to better meet the Customer demand and forecast.
• PREMISES AREA: 1000 sqm
• OFFICES & LABS AREA: 200 sqm

Percentage of 80% of Elettronica Marittima revenues derives from the military market, on the rise, while 20% of revenues are from civil business. The profits sharing sees 70% of total coming from the contracts in the systems design and integration and 30% in the communication and navigation components.