Fully customizable C4i systems with advanced tactical and strategical functionalities for command & control the fleet in maritime application, including remote managements/display of the onboard sensors (radars, optronics, cameras, etc.)

Screenshop software EM ONE CC

EM-ONE-CC is an innovative C4I multifunctional system to plan, command and easily manage the vessels joint operations thanks to a comprehensive, coherent and user-friendly representation of the tactical and strategic scenario. EM-ONE-CC gathers and disseminates all the significant information in the same network, also allowing in a simple way to transmit and receive text reports in predefined formats, as well as free-text, images and video provided by surveillance optronic and specialized on-board sensors data, such as depth sounders, inclinometers, meteo data, etc. EM-ONE-CC on-board hardware is based on a ruggedized tablet or processor box with dedicated display connected with the most advanced SAT and LTE comms technologies. A large variety of legacy comms may be integrated. Its cartography is based on NAVIONICS charts, customized to allow multiple functions as: marker management, route management, vessel tracking, zone management, MOB (Man Over Board), etc. Several tools aid the operative activities such as: recording and subsequent playback of the completed tactical scenario for debriefing, automatic optronic pointing, AIS labeling of suspicious vessels, distance estimation, distance travelled and logbooks.