Customizable automatic system for maritime & terrestrial police enabling fast and user-friendly digitalized compilation, data acquisition, printing, scanning, archiving and transmission of the reports.

Automatic report system


It is an innovative Automatic Report system for coastal-guard and Police naval units that allows rapid compilation, data acquisition, printing, scanning, and archiving of the reports, with storage in a local relational database and transmission to a remote archive. The system employs the latest generation technologies for the automatic acquisition of the identification data of a person, the naval unit and its geographical position, the name of the military personnel, the AIS information of the vessels, the date and time, etc., thereby allowing to simplify and speed up the drafting and issuing of the report.

card reader sample

EM-ONE-AR is based on a high-performance rugged tablet that integrates a high-resolution video camera and an NFC reader allowing automatic scanning of all electronic identity card or passport data. Enhanced real-time MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) code recognition algorithms, designed to superiorly perform in any critical operative scenario, allows to detect the ID data, in less than a second, even in case of excessive sunlight, darkness, rough sea, etc, which generally lead to unavoidable blurring, partially occluding, skewing, slanting or shadowing of the document framing. It also integrates professional tools for photo acquisition, automatic scan and image enhancing of the signed report, as well as wireless printing through a compact and portable printer.