Dual mode, high efficiency, from 170 to 1000 MHz wideband antenna, with low SWR. It is designed for long-distance terrestrial and maritime, LOS and SAT communications, also on the move. The antenna can be connected directly to the Software Defined Radios (SDRs) through a single connector. This allows operations in the SAT and in VHF/UHF bands without modifying the antenna connections. When combined with EVO-A-A3 Amplifier, EVO-A-SOTM Mark II covers all the band ranging from 30 to 500 MHz. It achieves very high performance without any matching circuit thanks to the vertical broadband multi-whip structure. The antenna is equipped with an independent ground plane made of sturdy and flexible material, therefore the antenna impedance is independent of the installation solution adopted. Thanks to its technical and operative specs EVO-A-SOTM Mark II is a top-level product.