EVO-A-TACSAT incorporates 2 radiant elements: SATCOM (230- 350 MHz) and LOS (200-512 MHz). In SAT communication a matching low loss circuit allows for a constant load on the output of the radio device, with VSWR less than 2:1 over all the operative band. The circuit protects also the radio device against the reflected power thanks a power dissipator. The LOS section derives from the model EVO-A-UTAC Shadow and it allows very high performances. The antenna is equipped with an independent ground plane, realised with sturdy and flexible material, making the antenna impedance independent of the installation solution adopted. LOS and SAT joint radiant elements, made of robust and flexible stainless steel strands, are shockproof and particularly resistant to accidental damages thanks to the elements redundancy. The EVO-A-TACSAT is a state-of-the-art combined antenna.